Sunday, July 28, 2013

I'm Back People


I know I disappeared from the blog world for almost a year now but since this blog is mostly just a way to share the things we've done with our family, and document details I might otherwise forget, I didn't really have a whole lot to share. Andy's and my last year has looked mostly like this:

Wake up
Go to work
Come home
Eat food
Watch TV/Do homework
Go to bed

A few things did happen so let me get you caught up on the happs. 

Andy fried a turkey for Thanksgiving (and didn't burn down the apartment!)

Andy got his private pilots license!!!

We rescued some furniture from the trash!

I finished building the bed and headboard!

I went to Hakone with a friend!

Some of my best friends here PCSed :-(

Andy cleaned up the oil stains on my balcony from Thanksgiving!

We went to DisneySea!

I grew out my bangs!
(And looked really happy! I didn't realize Andy was taking a picture, but I don't really have any others where you could see my hair!)

Our friends got a cat!

I started playing Indiaca with my friends off base!

We saw Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band at the fourth of July!

and lastly we both got more gray hairs. Not super exciting but some pretty cool things happened I shouldn't have glazed over. Last week we finally shook things up a bit. We climbed Mt. Fuji!! That post is almost done!

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