Sunday, September 2, 2012


Andy's parents were here last week and we used that as an excuse to drag them to places in Japan that we haven't seen. Not always on purpose. We got lost a few times! Ha! Good thing they were good sports! 

We missed the turn off toward Fuji we've taken a million times and happily found a nice back road that spits you out at our favorite of the Fuji five lakes (Kawaguchi- if you were wondering). We stopped at a fruit stand along the way and ate a peach the the size of a softball. It was amazing. Japan really has the best tasting fruit! 

Fuji wasn't cooperating much that day with a layer of clouds that just wouldn't move, but it was a lovely day and we enjoyed it anyway. 

The next day we went out to Enoshima island. Andy and I had never been there before and weren't aware that the island was all stairs. It was really pretty rough! This is the main temple entrance. We may have accidentally almost killed my in-laws with the stairs and the ridiculous there-should-never-be-this-much-humidity-and-heat-at-the-same-time god awful heat but we all survived they didn't seem too mad. Phew. We did have a really yummy lunch at an Italian restaurant with a gorgeous view and airconditioning. I think it saved all of our lives. 

At one point Andy and I went ahead and so the caves of Enoshima. The view of the ocean from there was amazing. 

Couldn't help but post this!

We also wandered Tokyo one day in the killer heat. Andy and I had never been to Tokyo tower so we all went and checked it out. 

And of course no visit to Tokyo is complete without a train ride home during rush hour! 

We had a great time! Can't wait to see them again, 1 week went by way too fast. 

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