Thursday, November 24, 2011


So, as some of you may know, while we are here in Japan I've been "collecting" pictures of Japanese manhole covers. Manhole covers may seem like a weird thing to collect pictures of but in Japan they are really pieces of art. Just about every city, town, or village has its own unique design. I think I have close to 40 different pictures at the moment. Andy and a lot of my friends are used to me going "STOP! manhole cover!!!!" while we're driving and I am now used to dodging traffic to get my picture! Andy and a few of my friends are even on the look out for new manhole covers for my collection. Anyway I've given my collection a home so click on the "My Japanese Manhole Cover Collection" on the top of this blog anytime to see my collection and any new manhole covers I add in the future!

Happy Friday!

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