Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nikko Part 1

For our anniversary weekend (last weekend) we decided to drive up to Nikko, which is about 100 miles Northwest from here. I was hoping the trees would be turning up in the mountains and got my wish! We drove up to lake Chuzenji first. I love how the mountainsides look speckled with orange and red and yellow. It's definitely fall now!

The weather was perfect too. We were worried it might rain, but other than some sprinkling the day we drove up, it was clear and not cold enough to need a jacket most of the time. 

We stayed in a cabin in the Woodsman's Village. If you ever stay there, don't believe the map when it says the driveway loops around. Theres a super steep hill that looks like it may have been graded once, a really, really, long time ago, which we assumed couldn't be part of the loop, so we drove on by. And kept going. For a while. So we took the mini off-roading. (p.s. I promise to do a mini post soon, Andy adores his new car!) We did eventually make it back to our cabin and spent the night killing bugs, playing phase ten, and eating pink lemonade cake (the same flavor we had at our wedding) which was dang good if I do say so myself. 

More tomorrow!!

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  1. Sarah, I finally got hold of your blog. Beautiful pictures of you two in Nikko. Looks like a romantic trip.