Friday, July 22, 2011

Days 26 ● 27 ● 28 ● 29 AND DONE!!!

So this post is super-duper late, but strangely that leads perfectly in to my conclusion of how this project went. We may not have met the deadline, but it's done. Andy's unpredictable work schedule kept him from taking photos everyday and made it difficult to get a post up every night. He certainly wasn't the only one though. I don't have a good excuse like work, I simply forgot several days. So *confession* some of our photos were not taken on the day we posted them. Some days we wandered Japan, found tons of inspiration, had the creative juices flowing, and came home with 5 great pictures each. Some days life's routines and necessary chores put picture taking on the back- burner. That's just how it is.

As far as using iphones to document our lives goes, I still think it's a great idea and totally doable. BUT (thats a big but) I don't want to feel the pressure to take a great photo everyday. Not only is it unrealistic (for us) but it results in some less than good photos. I think the best way to approach a iPhone photo yearbook is going to be to pick the best photos and not worry about everyday. If I decide I want to look through an equally spaced timeline, might I do a weekly photo. I would have more than one good one to chose from and selecting the best could be hard but I won't feel guilty for missing days.

I'm sure some people could do the daily photo and come up with great work. For the time being, neither Andy or I are those people. 

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  1. I loved the challenge. My fiance and I are trying to use instagram to keep in touch while he travels, and then I want to make some art with it! xoxo