Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Patio Progress

Well I guess technically it's more balcony progress, but balcony progress just doesn't sound so good. And the balcony is pretty big for an apartment balcony so I've decided it could be called either. Just go with it.  I don't have any before pictures of the whole thing, sorry, but it looked the same... just without anything on it. We live in base housing so we can't change anything drastically but the balcony needed some sprucing. It's big enough to actually be out on and enjoy so I decided I needed to make it a place we'd actually want to be. It needed a color other than beige, some life, and a place to sit. Andy added the grill (where he makes us delicious dinners) and now we can eat them outside too.

The humble beginnings of our little patio. 

We started adding plants as soon as we were able and started some seedlings too. Pretty soon we had to find a place for the seedling-turned-baby plants and so tin cans became the answer. I found the picture below around the same time we were planting the seedlings and since the giant blank wall we stared at out our kitchen also needed some attention, I decided I would fill the wall with plants in tin cans instead of trying to find some outdoor art, a-la tin can art for free!

Image found on pinterest. originally from here

I love the idea of painted cans but I think all silver works here. Next year I'm hoping to add one more row and mix in some flowers for more colors.

After the plants were doing well I just needed some seating. I looked at quite a few places here and I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for (... a little too big... a little too heavy... way too expensive...) anyway I found what I wanted at IKEA. I know, I know, I was never going again. Andy stuck to his guns but Sara went with me on a fabulous girls day, and of course they were out of what I had picked online. So now I'm REALLY never going again. But they did have some nice chairs- not exactly what I was thinking, but comfy and sturdy (and $20 more but it was these or no chairs all summer since it's already June...) and I really like them now. The table didn't match the chairs but it was cheap and it folds up so I'm thinking I'm going to paint it white to match soon.

So the balcony is complete and ready for summer. It's just waiting for us to sit outside and enjoy. Here's a view of the whole balcony from each side so that you get a better idea of how it finally looks:

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