Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Andy finished up Airman Leadership School last week so I got to attend my first dressy military dinner- his graduation. I was trying to be nice and proper since he had a lot of eyes on him but I really didn't know what I was supposed to do most of the time. Stand up, sit down, one unit shouts a cheer, another unit shouts a cheer, can I frickin' eat my salad now?!

Anyway it was his night and he looked all spiffy in his freshly pressed blues with an extra stripe on his arm and super-shiney shoes and a medal that said "I'm a ALS graduate!" (ok ok not literally I just mean it distinguished him in a sea of blue) Andy also won the Leadership/Commandant award meaning he was voted a leader by his peers and was interviewed by a review board and chosen as the most professional graduate! (Congrats Babe!)

So now he's back at work with new name tag. Congratulations SSgt. Schloemer!

Psssst! check out Andy's class' video:

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