Tuesday, May 31, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge

Andy and I both have Instagram on our beloved iPhones and I find that we've been taking quite a few pictures using it and it's array of filters. I've never used Hipstamatic but I love Instagram because you can edit your photos after you've taken them and you can do it over and over again with as may filters as you want and I understand you can't change filters with Hipstamatic (but like I said I've never used it correct me if I'm wrong!) Anyway I thought since we've been taking so many pics just walking around on our phones I got to thinking.

Our phones are always on us, as opposed to our cameras which are usually at home and require a computer to edit, so these phone pics we've been taking are probably a great way to document our life- a photo journal if you will.

Now when I first thought we should do something about this, I thought a picture edited on our iPhone everyday for a year. But I don't know if that would actually happen so I'm going to test the idea (and our willpower) and officially start a 30 day photo challenge. Andy and I will take a picture each everyday in June and I will post them here to share with you (that'll be a reason for us to have to keep up with it.) So here we go! Hope it goes alright!

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