Monday, April 18, 2011

Got my first real 6-speed

Bought it at Joyful Honda. Rode it 'til my butt hurt bad. It was the spring of 2011.

I butchered that song I know, but I'm ok with that. Andy and I did go buy bikes this week though! And it's not my first 6-speed. Neither one of us have rode bikes in years and it was a lot more work than I remember but it was still fun. It's a good thing riding a bike is just like.... well... riding a bike. (Insert laugh track here.)

We both got the same bike. It has a basket and a head light that turns on when it gets dark (it's is powered by the front wheel turning- so clever!) Andy's is Forest green and mine is red. I would show you mine but I look kinda crazy in the pictures, so maybe I'll take more later. 

With everything blooming over here, my allergies are driving me nuts. My eyes feel all puffy and red and I'm taking 3 allergy medications. Andy is fine. As always. Enjoy the springtime and don't forget to take your zyrtec if you're like me!

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