Friday, April 8, 2011

Chinatown for Chinese New Year

Sooo this all happened in February, but I didn't get around to putting up pictures until today... oops. Anyway, back in February we took a trip down to Yokosuka Naval Base to check out their (SOOOO much better than our) BX. Or PX. Or whatever the heck they call it. Anyway when we left Yokosuka we decided to head home through Yokohama and stop to check out their Chinatown since it was the day after Chinese New Year. (If you're wondering, On February 3rd we officially began the year of the rabbit. So says wikipedia.)

We somehow managed to take pictures that made it look like there weren't a lot of people there, but we were fighting crowds the whole time. We also had some Aaaa-mazing Chinese food for dinner and wandered around and poked through shops and laughed at the irony that we were in Chinatown in Japan. It was quite a nice day. 

Hope you're all having nice days too!

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