Monday, April 25, 2011

Birthdays and Bunnies

Andy's Birthday fell on Easter Sunday this year so we partied all weekend long! 

We started Saturday evening with our favorite Shabu Shabu in Tachikawa and a few close friends. Shabu Shabu is when you cook your own meat and vegetables in broth on a hot plate built into your table. We left happy with full bellies and meat sweats into the rain and back to our house to celebrate with lots of friends. 

We had a great night with great friends, chocolate cake, beer pong, 80's power hour, and dancing. Andy got a Kinect for his XBox from two of his friends (what a lucky boy!) so we played Dance Central and laughed and sweated for hours and everyone loved it. 

After Easter Brunch the next day we hung out with close friends and eventually ventured outside for our easter egg hunt. My Nana and I started the confetti egg tradition at her house after one of her friends told her about it, so even though I am far away from Nana and didn't get to stuff eggs full of confetti with her at home, I did blow and save eggs for EVER and made some for us. 

The consequences of confetti eggs in girl's hair:

We finished the day off with hummingbird cake, hot dogs and hamburgers grilled by the birthday boy himself, and sunsets. Aaahhh. It was fabulous. 

Hope you're weekend was fabulous too!

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