Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mt. Takao

Andy got a whole day off on Monday so we took full advantage and got out in the nice weather. We headed to Mt. Takao, about 45 minutes from the base by train. We took the cable car up the mountain and went to visit the monkeys. 

This is Chomp. No joke, the care taker said exactly that: "This is Chomp." Chomp immediately jumped onto Andy's leg and chomped down on his knee cap. It was hilarious. Once Chomp's handler decided it was my turn, Chomp held onto my arm and promptly ripped my glasses off. But it was all ok because he was so cute. 


 Once the monkey park closed we walked up the mountain to the temple on top. Although I'm pretty sure we didn't find the summit, I am pretty sure we climbed like 10,000 stairs. 

We walked back down the mountain on the VERY steep road and it was lovely.

We finished the day with dinner at un quinto across the street from the base where they make the most delicious salad and lasagna... mmm... heavenly... It was the perfect finish to a great day off. 

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