Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

And it is eve here in japan-land now that the sun is setting. Andy an I are stuck in horrendous traffic (Yay for iPhones!) about 20 miles from base and we know it's going to take us at least 3 hours to get home since that's how long it took us to get here. We ventured down to Ikea today with a furniture agenda. We made out with a huge bookshelf to fill up the very blank dining room wall, a awesome console for the office, a giant mirror, and sone pretty nic-nacs and baskets.

For those of you who are aquainted with Ikea, you probably know the expedit bookself, for those of you who are not, it looks like this:

It comes in a ton of different sizes and it's finished on both sides so you can use it as a room divider. I see it all the time on blogs and in magazines. Well, unbeknownst to me, they are discontinuing it! We got one of two "safety stock" expedits in the color we wanted! Phew! I was seriously planning the whole area around that shelf.

Anyway, we made out like bandits and enjoyed quite a bit. So far it's been a great Christmas Eve! We'll see how putting everything together goes when we get home... I hope we have English directions... And we'll probably have to borrow a drill... That is if we ever get home. Traffic here is RIDICULOUS.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas Eve too!

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